Thursday, August 02, 2007

complete projects

Well michelle my dearest you must be waiting a long time for your mum to blog . I keep telling you I will but I just got no time . Too many things to do, Karaoke singing , line dancing and mahjong haha.

But any way here are a few of the knitwears I have done for you. I will be bringing them to Perth on the 18th of august.
Then I did two knits which is a combination of knittinf and crocheting for you . One is purple and the other is green.

Since it will be winter when we arrive and mei yan is wearing a spaghetti evening dress.I knitted something for her to put around her shoulders,
This is what I found in the magazine which Ann gave me.

This is what I knitted for mei yan and I did for her a green spaghetti as well.

That's all the pictures I have. At present I am knitting three more and I will show you the progress later after I have taken the photos.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June Happenings

First and foremost I like to show you the finished project which I have done for Melissa, my youngest daughter.It is so sweet the colours and she say it is beautiful because she is the model.

Then I went to my friend's house to attend a demonstration by a amway dealer using pressure cooker and oven. I wasn't interested in the cooking demo but I was interested in the cake making.
He was making kiwi fruit muffin. It caught my interest so i find out from him where to get the ingredients and i immediately went and get them.
Later together with Melissa we made 13 muffins . mmmm delicious

Last Saturday ,on June 9th ,I was invited to a knitting gathering by Sally who I met on the net.
There I was introduced to a few lovely ladies who were all very friendly. It was my first time at such a gathering and I was a bit excited.
There I was shown yarns which they bought online and they were so much cheaper than what I pay at the shop. Sally show me some of her projects and they were lovely.
I am so happy to have met with all of you and I will definitely come again.

Now I am on to a yellow knitwear for Michelle. The yarn is ribbonlike and it is very soft.Actually I started off with another pattern . I frogged it because it was too difficult.I chose another pattern and here it is.

Hopefully I can show you all the finished product by next week.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Knitting again

It's a long time since I blog. I was being lazy after all the chinese new year baking. I just couldn't put my hands to the knitting needles. And for the next few months I went out with my friends to karaoke centre to sing and be happy. Lately I even join them for line dancing lessons. Very hectic and busy days.

Then on April 6th I flew to Perth to visit Michelle ,my dearest daughter, for eleven days. There I taught her baking and she taught me socks knitting. Her friend Yin came to visit and cook pasta for me to eat. And I met Ann, a very lovely lady who was also very friendly.

Then I came back to Malaysia and I started knitting again. I am on two projects now for Melissa my other daughter.I hope she will wear it. One of the project is a bluish green spaghetti strap blouse and the other is a pink blouse.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Green & Yellow

Well I have just finished knitting the jacket and blouse for my daughter Melissa.Sent the jacket for the zip to be sewn and got it back today. Couldn't wait to ask her to try it on. She was looking so tired ,what with waking up at 6 everyday and going to tuition until 6 in the evening.She only reach home by 7 something,had her dinner,shower then do homework and going to sleep only at 11. Poor thing!The picture I took of her made her look like a walking zombie.

Now I am onto new knitwear for Michelle. I told her I bought some yarns and I am going to knit a few blouses for her. She was so excited and kept asking me to take photos of the yarns and blog quickly.

The pattern for the green blouse is simple and nice but the one for the yellow is a bit tedious. I thought of giving it up but the girl at the shop ask me to give it a try. But if it is going to be difficult I will choose another pattern and redo it altogether.Michelle is excited about it and ask me to hand it over to her friend who is in Kuala Lumpur for holidays and take them back to Perth for her.Well I hope I can finished it in time.

I can't show you the pattern for the yellow blouse yet .I only started with a few rows and I am finding it a bit difficult. Let me overcome the problem and I will show you later.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Another year has gone by so quickly. 2006 is past and now we welcome 2007


well Christmas has passed and both my daughters Michelle and Melissa had their presents. I told them to put on theirnew knitwear and I took photographs of them . They look so lovely and they put on their model pose. Here they are:

Do they look pretty????

Okay new projects for the new year. Right now I am knitting a long sleeved short jacket for Melissa which is zipped in front.

I will show you the finished product later on. Another project I am working on is a blouse for Melissa with Katia colourful cotton yarn which I bought from Lincraft in Perth last year.

These two projects will keep me busy for the rest of the month. Chinese New Year is next month , will have to do a lot of baking .So I hope I can finish both the knitwear for her to wear during Chinese New Year.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Michelle's knitwear

During the past two weeks there was lots of going on in my house. I renovated the kichen,add two sinks out at the back of the house and install a water filter for the whole house. I was practically kept in the house. I couldn't go anywhere .There were people working in the kitchen and people working in the garden.So what can I do.Well I completed Michelle's Blouse and it was very lovely.
Here is a picture of it .I hope she will like it

At present I am working on another project . I think you called it a shrug. This is not knitting but crochet.It is for my other daughter Melissa. She wanted it in the same yarn and colour as Michelle"s Blouse.So far I have crocheted 2/3 of it and here is a picture of it.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Christmas present and Necklaces

At long last i have finished the yellow vest. It fits my daughter ,Melissa perfectly.I took a photograph of her wearing it.

For the past few days I have been stringing some necklaces for myself using crystallite stones which comes from Tibet and China. It's been a strain on the eyes.I got to wear my spectacles while doing them.

Now my newest project is a christmas present for my eldest daughter,Michelle. I am knitting her a pink blouse which matches a skirt which I just bought. Hope she will like it.The yarn I am using is the Brilla brand.