Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June Happenings

First and foremost I like to show you the finished project which I have done for Melissa, my youngest daughter.It is so sweet the colours and she say it is beautiful because she is the model.

Then I went to my friend's house to attend a demonstration by a amway dealer using pressure cooker and oven. I wasn't interested in the cooking demo but I was interested in the cake making.
He was making kiwi fruit muffin. It caught my interest so i find out from him where to get the ingredients and i immediately went and get them.
Later together with Melissa we made 13 muffins . mmmm delicious

Last Saturday ,on June 9th ,I was invited to a knitting gathering by Sally who I met on the net.
There I was introduced to a few lovely ladies who were all very friendly. It was my first time at such a gathering and I was a bit excited.
There I was shown yarns which they bought online and they were so much cheaper than what I pay at the shop. Sally show me some of her projects and they were lovely.
I am so happy to have met with all of you and I will definitely come again.

Now I am on to a yellow knitwear for Michelle. The yarn is ribbonlike and it is very soft.Actually I started off with another pattern . I frogged it because it was too difficult.I chose another pattern and here it is.

Hopefully I can show you all the finished product by next week.


At 8:01 am, Anonymous Michelle said...

mei yan's top is very nice!! but how come her hair so messy!! looks like she just woke up!! hahahahaha

anyway...the muffins look really delicious!! i will go find the recipe and try it out one day when they have kiwis in the supermarket.

ooh...that yellow top looks really nice!! ^_^

At 8:51 am, Blogger Sally said...

Nice to meet you too! Your pink FO is really exquisite and the pic doesn't do it enough justice. Can't wait to start on my ribbon yarn now that I've seen your yellow one!!!

At 3:03 pm, Blogger bluey said...

Nice nice. The pink color top is so nice.

The lace of the yellow top is very nice too.

And the muffins look so yummy.


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